About Capital Direct

Lending Directly to Canadian Homeowners

Capital Direct helps home owners pursue their financial goals by leveraging one of their most valuable investments: their home. Capital Direct works to eliminate the stress and red tape of applying for a loan. Capital Direct focuses on your home equity, not just your credit score.

Capital Direct has partnerships with banks, trusts, and other lending agencies to provide home equity loans and refinancing options at competitive rates.

Fast, Simple Process

The process is as simple as filling out a four-minute application. After that, Capital Direct’s mortgage specialists, who are knowledgeable with the lending practices of the banks in Canada, will work to meet each borrower’s unique financial needs.

Personalized Solutions

Capital Direct is committed to providing Canadian homeowners with personalized home equity loan solutions since 1997. As a result of its performance, the company continues to maintain an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau while providing award-winning services throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces.